Learning and Teaching Resources for Authentic Human Development

Authentic Human Development requires we develop the courage to face up to our everyday life challenges and temptations rather than avoiding or denying them.  It means taking control of our own learning … across the life-course … and sharing our learning with other members of our family and community.  The following resources may help us on our path to authentic human development:

Fixed mindset versus growth mindset: which one are you?

The secret to raising smart kids

Levels of life coaching

Authentic Human Development (AHD) requires what Asante refers to as ‘centricity’.  The articles below provide some insight into this process which is critical to CBACS’ agenda of transformational learning for AHD.

Racial Politics and Double Consciousness: Education for Liberation

Racialising Mental Illness: Understanding African-Caribbean Schizophrenia in the UK

Contact me Dr Gloria Gordon gg@cbacs.org if you require support with the process of educating your child or yourself for authentic human development.