Conscious Evolution

Conscious Evolution with CBACS is the Learning and Development Platform facilitating The Metanoia Project (TMP) 2007-2034.

It draws on the life experience of Descendants of Enslaved and Colonised Africans (DoEAs) to share a resurfaced vision of what it means to be ‘whole, fully alive, experiencing, choiceful and free human beings’. This is in a dehumanised world underpinned by a host of human insecurities. The Conscious Evolution with CBACS knowledge-base facilitates the process of human transcendency…

With Conscious Evolution with CBACS being an agentic evolutionary process, it incorporates the dynamically evolving knowledge-base underpinning the Developing Agentic Professional Identities/Practices (DAPI) portfolio of subjective-based knowledge utilised in my own ego-reconstruction post-crisis in 1990. The DAPI portfolio of modules was my response to my 2002 National Teaching Fellowship (NTF) brief of introducing Academically-Based Community Service (ABCS) with a strategic focus on African Caribbean learners and their communities onto the research portfolio of my employing University. The foundational basis of the DAPI modules is Authentic Human Development (AHD+) principles facilitating transformational change in the life experiences of ‘black’ learners.

Developing Agentic Professional Identities (DAPI) Portfolio of Subjective-Based Modules

The above professionally informed knowledge-base was applied diagnostically to the unique life experience of DoEAs in offering black learners a professionally-informed explanation of the social problems being experienced by members of the ‘black British Caribbean’ racial category as they are being unconsciously perpetuated by us into the 21st century. A portfolio of BAC workshops evolved and was piloted at London South Bank University in the 2017/2018 academic year as I worked through my redundancy. The underlying intention of the BAC workshops is that of activating Article 29(1) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which states:

Everyone has duties to the community in which alone the free and full development of their personality is possible…

The British African Caribbean (BAC) Workshop Series consists of 6 offerings:

British African Caribbean (BAC) Agentic Professional Identities Portfolio of Subjective Knowledge-Based Modules

Look out for these and other workshop derivatives designed to meet the authentic human development (AHD+) needs of Descendants of Enslaved and Colonised Africans (DoEAs). This is now as historical beings engaged in the conscious evolution process working with and through the human costs of slavery and its ongoing progeny. Our long overdue purpose is that of evolving to the status of Ascendants of Enslaved and Colonised Africans (AoEAs).