The Metanoia Project (BAC)

The Metanoia Project (BAC) draws on the universally accepted principles of authentic human development (AHD+) evolved on the TMP (Teach) strand. These AHD+ principles are contained in the Developing Agentic Professional Identities (DAPI) portfolio of subjective knowledge-based modules evolved as a HRD academic, educator and parent.

TMP (BAC) provides community focused Human Resource Development (HRD) for Descendants of Enslaved Africans (DoEAs)/children of the ‘Windrush Generation’/members of the ‘black British’ Caribbean racial category.

Members of this group are invited to sign up for the cultural literacy education that TMP 2007-2034 (BAC) offers. This is if you are tired of the problems which continue to assail our lives across the life-course of our group. The most recent takes the form of ‘The Windrush Scandal’ which made international headlines in 2018.

If you are a DoEA, a member of the ‘black British’ Caribbean racial category, then you are present in human life to make an important contribution to the cultural evolution of your group.

Where are you positioned on the above lifecycle? Are you in Adulthood Training 1 or 2? Are you a Junior or Senior Adult? A Junior or Senior Elder?

Are you sick and tired of the problems faced by members of our group in British society, inclusive of: School exclusions of our young? Referrals to PRUs? Gun and knife crime? Social exclusion? Black Mental Health problems? High levels of unemployment? The Windrush Generation Scandal? Noticeable is that right across the life course, from childhood to senior eldership, we are without authentic group support. We are not collectively engaged in the cultural process of evolving human character generationally… Are you ready to take up your responsibilities on the life-cycle of DoEAs/the ‘black British’ Caribbean racial category?

The Metanoia Project (BAC) strand is for YOU as a member of this group. Attend weekly sessions as a member of TMP 2007-2034 (BAC) to develop the cultural literacy required to take up your role in repositioning DoEAs on the stage of human life…

We look forward to embracing each other as DoEAs participating in the journey of becoming Ascendants of Enslaved Africans (AoEAs). This is 500+ years post the enslavement of our ancestors and 200 years post the formal abolition of slavery in 1834…